Driving Lessons About Changing Gear Using The Palming Method

Learning how to drive a vehicle is an exciting experience. Many people enroll in a driving school to learn the driving lessons as per their choice. While some of them want to enhance their skills. Others look forward to learning the defensive and safe driving lessons. No matter, what your needs are you must always make the best efforts to get your driving lessons in Roxburgh Park from a reputed center.

What is important for you is to understand that just being behind the wheels and having the control of steering in your hand is not enough. The most important thing that you need to learn is how to change the gear in a manual vehicle. Any kind of minor or major mistake while changing the gear can lead to an accident. You might lose control of the car and bang it somewhere. Therefore you must do your best to learn the technique of how to change the gear and when it should be done.

Palming Method- A Safe Technique to Learn How To Change Gear

To learn how to change the gear without making any kind of mistake you must opt for the palming method.

  • First gear: The first thing which you need to do is place your left palm onto the gear lever. Then you should slowly move it to the left and then forward. This is the right way to select the first gear.
  • Second gear: For selecting the second gear at the time of moving from the first, you need to apply a little pressure towards the left side and then move it straight back.
  • Third gear: Move the gear lever forward and then permit it to spring into the central neutral position. After this move it forward. In this way, you will select the third gear.
  • Fourth gear: By keeping your palm in the same position you must move the gear lever straight back. This is done to select the fourth gear.
  • Fifth gear: For selecting the fourth gear, move the gear lever forwards, across to the right against the neutral spring and then again forward.

You must make sure that at the time of changing the gear it is safe to do it. You should never drive in a hurry or change the driving lane without giving signals. Following the traffic rules and taking safety measures is very important if you want to become a reliable and safe driver. Enroll in the best school to learn driving lessons in Campbellfield.

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