It’s never too late to learn to drive! Whatever your reason may be:

  • You are 16 and got your learner permit (HOORAY) and want to learn to drive
  • You are 18 and want to go for your drive test
  • You are here from interstate or overseas and want Victorian Licence
  • Your children are starting school/Kindergarten
  • You want better job opportunities/ new job requires a licence
  • Kids have grown up and are busy, no one to taxi you around
  • Moved into a new area where access to public transport is very difficult
  • Had an accident and want your confidence back
  • Have not driven for a while and want to brush up on your road rules and skills
  • Just want the freedom to make your own choices

The Number One Driving School in Meadow Heights

If you are looking forward to enrolling into the best driving school in Meadow Heights that can help you master the driving skills swiftly, Auspak Driving School is the name to turn to. With some of the most qualified and skilled driving instructors in our team, we are definitely the best name that can guide you to get your driving license. We also have the best driving lessons of varying duration, which encompass every aspect of driving and associated issues. Even the training cars we have in our fleet are impeccably maintained. In the nutshell, when you enroll in us, you can be sure that you are under the guidance of the most trustworthy experts in your pursuit for getting the driving license.

What makes our Driving Lessons in Meadow Heights the Best?

The driving lessons in Meadow Heights we have for our trainees vary in duration and price, so much so that they never cause any inconvenience to our trainees. Yet, all of them would cover every driving lesson and associated issues to ensure comprehensive learning. It is this all-inclusive, elaborative nature that has made our driving lessons the best in the industry.

Besides, our driving lessons always strike the right balance between classroom sessions and on road sessions so that our trainees not only get some sound technical knowledge, but also get a first-hand lesson on driving skills and the latest traffic rules with equal prominence and emphasis.

Besides lessons for first timers, we also offer refresher courses for licensed drivers and offer overseas license conversions.

Our driving instructors in Meadow Heights are the best

All the driving instructors in Meadow Heights we have in our team, including the female instructors, are not only highly qualified but are exceptionally talented and skilled. They are licensed and bonded and are professional, yet caring and compassionate towards the trainees. They would provide the lessons at paces that the trainees find themselves comfortable with. Thus, they ensure that our trainees are always at ease with the lessons. This helps them get over the jittery of learning driving from the scratch and gain confidence.

Our driving mentors in Meadow Heights are patient enough to take questions from the trainees and go beyond their way to share experiences and knowledge with them.

The training cars are impeccably maintained, and the safety norms are strictly adhered to as safety of our trainees is above everything else for us.

Get in touch with us today

Thus, do not delay if you aspire to learn driving in Meadow Heights. Call us to know further details. Or get in touch online to book the driving lesson of your choice.

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OUR Price

Lesson and package fee conditions



  • 45 minutes lesson $55 (selected areas only)
  • 60 minutes (1 hour) $65
  • 90 minutes (1 1/2 hours) $95
  • 120 minutes (2 hours) assessment/rapid test preparation $130
  • Weekend 60 minutes driving $70
  • Night Driving 60 minutes $80
5 lesson Package


  • 45 minutes x 5 = $260 (Saving $15)
  • 60 minutes x 5 = $310 (Saving $15)
  • 90 minutes x 5 = $460 (Saving $15)
  • 120 minutes x 5 = $635 (Saving $15)
  • *First 4 lessons full Price. Discount on the 5th lesson.
10 lesson Package


  • 45 minutes x 10 = $510 (Saving $40)
  • 60 minutes x 10 = $610 (Saving $40)
  • 90 minutes x 10 = $910 (Saving $40)
  • 120 minutes x 10 = $1260 (Saving $40)
  • *First 9 lesson full Price. Discount on the 10th lesson.
Test day options


  • Drive Test with 45 minutes lesson $200 (Disc $5)
  • Drive Test with 60 minutes lesson $210 (Disc $5)
  • Drive Test with 90 minutes lesson $240 (Disc $5)
  • Drive Test with 120 minutes lesson $275 (Disc $5)
  • $100 deposit must be paid for drive tests at the time of booking
  • * Full payment of drive tests must be paid a week in advance.
Option A


  • 2 x 60 mins lesson + test $270 (Disc $10)
  • These Test Fees ONLY for Coolaroo and Broadmeadows Vicroads
Option B


  • 3 x 60 mins lesson + test $330 (Disc $15)
  • These Test Fees ONLY for Coolaroo and Broadmeadows Vicroads
Option C


  • 5 x 60 mins lesson + test $450 (Disc $15)
  • These Test Fees ONLY for Coolaroo and Broadmeadows Vicroads
Option D


  • 10 x 60 mins lesson + test $750 (Disc $50)
  • These Test Fees ONLY for Coolaroo and Broadmeadows Vicroads

why choose us ?

  • Licenced Instructors
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Very Competitive Rates
  • Keys2drive Accredited Instructors
  • One to One Training
  • Patient Instructors