Patience is the best tool to learn driving in an effective manner. We at Craigieburn driving school teach driving in such a beautiful manner that the students will never forget the important tips.
Our driving school has been training many students in driving for the last 13 years . We aim to make you the confident driver within shortest time possible. Apart from that, we would like to share with you some good things about our driving school.

The key characteristics of a good driving instructor would be –

  • Patient
  • Friendly
  • Understanding
  • Approachable
  • Good driver
  • Calm under pressure



  1. High-Quality Driving Training–. Our driving instructors train the students in driving on all types of roads. Furthermore, they boost your confidence and prepare you for the road tests.
  2. Current Laws– A skilled driver is the one who knows all the present Victorian road rules. Our driving instructors in Craigieburn give you updates on the latest rules and laws. You can drive with safety by taking our best quality driving lessons.
  3. Learn Every Car– We train you in such an excellent manner that you can drive efficiently every car model. Besides that, you will know to operate all car functions in a proper manner.

Experience The Best Driving lessons Delivered From AusPak Driving School

Make a difference in the safety of your community while learning to drive in a professional and more appropriate way through the driving lessons offered by AusPak Driving School Craigieburn. We train teens, adults and corporate drivers alike. It’s an opportunity to be part of a business that matters.

Our unique and efficient driver training model allows you the opportunity to be on your own after getting your license at your first attempt. You can make a positive difference in your community by reducing accidents and causing damage to the property around. This is the reason, get trained from the expert and trained driving instructors from AusPak Driving School.

Maintaining the leadership in the market

Since our inception, AusPak Driving School has risen to a position of market leadership based on our strong performance which has resulted in a rapidly expanding reputation for excellence. We are a family owned business in Craigieburn, offering services as required by the students.

Our mission has been to provide excellent instruction in the art of driving to new and experienced drivers. AusPak Driving School is one of Craigieburn’s best certified driver training school. We have been offering services throughout  locations including Braodmeadows, Coolaroo, Essendon, Glenroy, Craigieburn, Bundoora.

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At Craigieburn, AusPak Driving School has been helping new & old drivers learn driving skills that build confidence and save lives. Our accredited driving instructors have logged thousands of in-car driving training hours. We offer a safe, encouraging environment for new drivers to adopt strong driving skills and learn how to adapt to different driving conditions.


The Number One Driving School in Craigieburn

Are you aspiring to master the driving skills and acquire the much coveted driving license? All you need to do is to enroll in a quality driving school, offering the best lesson packages and the best training. What better name can you opt for, than Auspak Driving School, if you are in and around Craigieburn?
With some of the best and the most qualified driving instructors and with the most comprehensive driving lessons, we are one of the most promising driving schools in Craigieburn. Besides, we offer the best driving lessons that encompass every aspect of driving and make the trainees confident enough at the wheel when they are on their own.
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What makes our Driving instructors in Craigieburn unique?

Firstly, all the driving instructors in Craigieburn we have in our team are not only skilled and qualified, they are licensed and bonded.
Besides being professionals, they are caring and compassionate, cordial and extremely sincere in resolving the queries of our trainees.
They know that the grasping power and retaining capacity of trainees vary from individual to individual, and that is the reason, our mentors would provide driving lessons at a pretty easy pace to match the comfort level of the individual trainees. This helps the trainees to be at ease during the training, and master the skills rather swiftly and comfortably.
Our driving lessons in Craigieburn are cost effective and holistic
The driving lessons in Craigieburn that we offer are all encompassing and entail every important aspect of driving and related skills. Besides, they also involve the technical aspects of driving as well as the elementary details of the mechanical anatomy of the car. And this is true despite the fact that they come in varying models of different time durations. Regardless of duration, ever lesson package puts emphasis on the important chapters of driving curriculum
This ensures, when a trainee goes through the lessons, the individual becomes not only a master of the driving skills, but has a reasonably sound mechanical knowledge as well.
And most importantly, our driving lessons are a perfect balance of classroom and on road sessions, to enable our trainees to get accustomed with the latest Vicroads traffic and safety rules. Despite being qualitatively superior, we always offer cheap driving lessons in Craigieburn.
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  • One to One Training
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