You already have Victorian License, Well Done, But for some reason if you are not confident enough to go on the road by yourself. Or if you have license from one of the Recognised countries and have not driven in Victoria and want to know the Victorian Road Laws, then your prayers have been answered. At AusPak Driving school, we have instructors who will help you to become a confident driver. With the right approach and guidance you will be able to drive by yourself very soon with confidence.

Please feel free to call us or drop us a line and we will respond as soon as we can. And remember AusPak Driving School is here to make you safe and confident driver on our Victorian roads.

Overseas/Interstate Licence Conversion

Auspak Driving School can help you with all your overseas licence conversion and changeover.
There are some requirements that needs to be satisfied in order to change your overseas driver licence to a Victorian licence. This also depends on whether your stay in Victoria is temporary or permanent.
If you’re planning on staying in Victoria more than Three months and want to drive then you are required to change your overseas/Interstate licence to a Victorian driver’s licence.
At AusPak Driving School We have summarised some of the important points that are required for your Overseas licence changeover.


Applying for a Victorian Driver’s Licence

To obtain your Victorian driver’s licence (full or probationary) you need to have passed the following tests:
1) Learner permit test.
2) Hazard perception test.
3) Eyesight test.
4) Practical driving test.


Are you eligible for exemptions from licence tests?

If you hold a driver’s licence from any of the recognised countries then you are able to get your overseas licence conversion with no test provided your overseas licence is current and has not expired. All you have to do is go to VicRoads office or better Call them as you will need to make an appointment for changeover.

In case the country that issued your license is not in this list then to get your overseas license converted to a Victorian license you will have to go through the Above mentioned process.

To be a responsible and safe driver you need to know correct Victorian Road laws and that’s where AusPak Driving School comes in. Our Instructors are qualified and equipped with Victorian Road Laws. We teach you in a comfortable and safe environment. We not only teach you how to drive but drive safely and we instil safety as your first priority. AusPak Driving School makes you a safe and responsible driver on our Victorian roads.

We provide one to one training where you have our complete attention and also cater for your personal driving requirements.

AusPak Driving School is Melbourne’s very reputable driving school which pride itself in providing the best customer service.

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