Not all localities offer a trusted driving school, and the ones that do may not lie in your close vicinity. However, in a city like Melbourne, you will never face trouble finding a certified and reputed Melbourne driving school. The real struggle sets in when you are searching for the same across distant suburbs. These tips are designed to help individuals find a good driving school in Melbourne suburbs or anywhere else in the world.

Search Online

Internet is a great tool to find almost everything and anything, without leaving the comfort of your home. While it may not be guaranteed that you will stumble upon the perfect driving school right away, you will definitely have an array of options to look at. Based on their experience and testimonials, you can proceed further with the Driving school that appears the most promising to you.

Ask them about their courses

Ask them earnestly the kind of driving courses they offer and since when they have been in the business. How many of their students got their driving license and also, how many of them got it in their first attempt. Such questions will draw out a lot of information, which should help you make an informed choice.

Service Quality

Sometimes you can get cheaper driving schools but they can cost you more in terms of getting the correct knowledge in minimum lessons. Patient Driving instructors can teach you more in less time and increase your confidence in becoming a better and safer driver.


Choosing the right driving school is the first step toward becoming a confident driver. Keep these tips in mind before committing to any driving school, so that you do not end up being where you shouldn’t be.

Driving is a passion for some people while many others see it as a responsibility or just a way to commute Point A to Point B, comfortably. In any case, it is important to take certain measures to ensure your safety and people around you. These 4 tips coming straight from AusPak Driving School, a reputed driving school in Glenroy, will tell you what to do and what not to do while driving:

Know the car first

No matter how great as a driver you are, when you lay your hands on a new vehicle, which you have never driven before, you ought to be a little careful for the first few Ks. Get familiar with the controls, especially the steering, Accelerator and Brakes and after driving a couple of miles, you can get the grip of other controls as well.

Adjust the seat and steering correctly

Your driving position determines your comfort. Feel free to adjust the steering and seat according to your convenience. Drivers who feel comfortable behind the wheel are often the most confident ones on road.

Say no to phone calls

While most drivers overlook this, talking on phone while driving can lead to fatal accident. According to a research, your mind can either concentrate on driving or answer phone calls. The more complex and engaging is the phone conversation, the more will you lose control over the steering wheel.

Use Turn Indicators Whenever You Take a Turn

Most accidents take place because of not using turn signals. Not using turn signals whenever necessary can potentially put others driving around you into a big trouble. Always make sure your turn signals and brakes lights are working properly, if not, get them fixed immediately.

These simple yet crucial driving tips will give you a better driving experience and will keep you and others around you safe.

The airbags in your car can save your life but can also be very dangerous if some things are not taken care of. Here are some guidelines on how to operate a vehicle with airbags:

1. Maintain a correct driving position
Keep at least a distance of 25 cms from the steering wheel. Your wrists should touch the top of the steering wheel and your shoulders should be placed firmly against the backrest. If you are too close to the steering wheel and the airbag inflates in an emergency situation, the force of the airbag can cause problems.

2. Refrain from placing objects on the dashboard
Airbag deployment may cause issues if you have placed too many objects on the dashboard. Whether it is a religious or decorative ornament, don’t place it there. In an accidental situation, they can cause a lot of damage.

3. Always wear the seat belt
While this rule applies to everyone, it is much more essential to mention it here. Seatbelts ensure that you are at a safe distance from the impact of the airbag in case an accident occurs. If you are not wearing the seat belt, you might be pushed forward and the force of the airbag can cause excessive injuries.

4. Avoid keeping children in the front seat
Now that we have already discussed about the impact of airbag deployment, it is easier to understand this. Infants and children should be made to sit in the rear seats. They may not withstand the impact of the airbag during a mishap.


Always remember, prevention is better than cure. While an airbag can save your life, the first and foremost thing is to drive safely. We offer cheap driving lessons in Melbourne and teach you the safest driving techniques.

We hope you are better equipped to operate a vehicle with airbags. Drive safe!

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